Q. What is your delivery territory?

A. We deliver in Oregon and Washington in cities and towns large and small west of the Cascade mountains.  From Roseburg, Oregon to Bellingham, Washington. We cover the entire Oregon coast, and much of the Washington coast.  See our delivery map for details.

Q. What is the minimum order amount?

A. The minimum order is $200 per delivery.  We deliver to most stores weekly. If you are not sure you can meet the minimum order and would like to work with us please contact us. We carry popular products across a wide variety of snack categories including top selling brands in every category. The more lines we manage for you the greater your inventory turns and profits.  Plus, by consolidating vendors you simplify and save time.

Q. What product lines do you carry?

A. We carry meat snacks, pastries, packaged sandwiches and burritos, salty snacks, seeds and nuts, novelty candy, and energy shots. We also carry seasonal and popular or “trending” items – hot items that burst onto the scene and sell like crazy.

Q. Do you sell frozen and refrigerated products?

A. Yes, all of our trucks have dry, refrigerated, and frozen compartments.

Q. What are your payment terms?

A. Terms: credit card and COD.

Q. How do you handle slow-moving products?

A. Every product is covered by our no-risk buy-back guarantee . We are dedicated to increasing your inventory turns so we monitor what’s selling in your store(s). We replace any slow-moving products and issue a credit on the spot – no questions asked.

Q. What steps do you take to ensure food safety?

A. Our warehouse is regularly inspected and certified for food handling. Our trucks have separate compartments for dry, refrigerated, and frozen foods.

Q. Do you have safely practices in place?

A. Yes, we follow established procedures for employee safety and product safety in addition to meeting or exceeding all homeland security safety requirements.

Now we have a question for you – are you ready to increase your inventory turns and profits? If so, contact us today to talk with a direct store delivery specialist and discover how to increase your store sales without lifting a finger.

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