Your Risk-Free Buy-Back Guarantee

If It Doesn’t Sell, We Buy It Back. Period.

Snacks that don’t sell waste valuable space in your convenience store. We make sure that every shelf and rack that we manage for you is working hard to make your store more profitable every day.

Your Inderbitzin Distributors risk-free buy-back guarantee covers:

  • “Dead” inventory
  • Out of code (expired) products
  • Damaged products

What’s not covered? Product damaged by store equipment failures.


Your Inderbitzin driver/product specialist will issue a credit during their weekly visit. They will remove the refunded products then fill the space with new products.

Helping You Increase Inventory Turns and Profits

Our business is built on helping store owners like you to increase inventory turns and profits. Your risk-free buy-back guarantee is just one way we help you to boost sales.

Like our guarantee? Call or contact us today to talk discover how to make Inderbitzin Distributors your direct store delivery specialist!

Out of code, dead, or damaged products are promptly replaced with fresh, delicious products.