The Sales Counter - Your Impulse Sales Zone and Profit Center

Location, Location, Location

Your front sales counter should be your one of your highest priority areas in your convenience store. Every customer arrives at this spot to make that all important sales transaction. Discover how you can increase the profitability of every sales transaction in your store.

The Impulse Sales Zone

Your customer has already shopped your store to select their cold soda or adult beverage, hot coffee with pastry, sweet or salty snacks, candy or gum. They’ve picked up the items they came in for – and, with effective merchandizing and the right products, you’ve made it easy for them to pick up one or two more items. At your front counter you have one last opportunity to upsell with high profit items that not only increase the size of their purchase, but also boost the profitability of the sale. Your front counter is your “impulse sales zone”.

Impulse Sales Zone Do’s and Don’ts

If you aren’t careful, it’s easy for your convenience store front sales counter to become cluttered, unattractive, and, worst of all – unappetizing. Make-shift displays, dog-eared and stained cartons can quickly sabotage your attempts to increase sales. Another “no, no” is displaying items with low profit margins on your front sales counter. Keep your front sales counters clean, organized, and merchandised with the right impulse purchase products. Keep reading to discover the best-selling impulse items with high profit margins.

Tobacco and Lottery Tickets

Correct placement of tobacco products is a must. Properly merchandizing cigarettes and other tobacco products (OTP) in your convenience store will increase tobacco product sales and help generate sales of non-related items. Lottery tickets, like tobacco products, are planned purchases – they bring customers into your store. As you improve your impulse selling zone you’ll increase the profitability of your tobacco and lottery ticket customers.

The Most Popular Category of Impulse Snacks

Top selling mints and gum products always sell well at the front sales counter. The key to success is to make sure you have the newest products – the ones the gum and candy manufactures are actively marketing. They are spending millions to make your customers hungry for their products. All you have to do it put those mints and gum products in attractive displays where they are easy to see and each to reach.

Is Your Store Profiting from the Fastest Growing Impulse Purchase Snack Food?

Packaged meat snacks like beef jerky and pepperoni, are the fastest growing trend in convenience store front counter sales. Consumers are hungry for high protein snacks. Jerky, pepperoni, and other meat snacks are healthy, delicious, satisfying, guilt-free snacks. On the front counter sell bulk jerky, bulk pepperoni, and other bulk meat snacks in acrylic displays. Keep your bulk meat snack displays clean and full at all times or they risk looking unappetizing.

The Newest Impulse Purchase Snack is Exceptionally Profitable and Easy to Merchandize

Customers lead busy, demanding lives. Virtually any time of day or night your customers are looking for an extra boost of energy. Energy shots are easy to consume, fit neatly in a pocket or purse, and come in a variety of popular flavors. Merchandise your energy shots on attractive racks. With an average sales ring of over $3.00 per bottle you can’t afford to be out of stock. The most popular energy shot brands are 5-Hour Energy and, it’s health-conscious competitor, Rhino Rush. Keep every customer happy by stocking the newest flavors of both.

Keys to Success in Your Impulse Sales Zone

Keep the products in your impulse sales zone clean and well-organized with legible retail prices on all items. Customers want to know the price before you ring up their purchases. Do not over-price your impulse items; stay within market pricing to reap the highest rewards in your impulse sales zone.

When properly merchandised, your impulse sales zone will be the highest producing per square foot profit zone in your convenience store! That’s what it is all about.

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