Werner Candies & Gummies

Large variety of gummy candies and traditional sweets each in a large value package. These candies are popular with customers because all packages are the same value price.

– Peach Rings, 7oz.
– Gummy Worms, 8oz.
– Gummy Bears, 8oz.
– Sour Neon Worms, 7oz.
– Rainbow Sour Belts, 2.65oz.
– Cinnamon Bears, 9oz.
– Apple Rings, 7oz.
– Watermelon Rings, 7oz.
– Gummy Sharks, 7oz.
– Strawberry Sour Belts, 2.65oz.
– Raspberry Sour Belts, 2.65oz.
– Swiss Fish, 6oz.
– Sour Neon Bears, 7oz.
– Fruit Slices, 10.5oz
– Original Sour Jacks, 6oz.
– Orange Slices, 10.5oz.
– Watermelon Sour Belts, 2.65oz.
– Cherry Sours, 8oz.
– Wildberry Sour Jacks, 6oz.
– Gummy Cherries, 6.5oz.
– Gummy Orange Slices, 6.5oz.
– Yogurt Mix, 6.5oz.
– Salt Water Taffy, 5oz.
– Jolly Ranchers, 4.5oz.
– Jelly Beans, 8oz.
– Chocolate Peanuts, 3.5oz.
– Yogurt Pretzels, 4.5oz.
– Chocolate Raisins, 4.5oz

Minimum quantity: 1 packet