Werner Nuts, Seeds & Mixes

A wide variety of delicious, healthy nuts in popular value packs. In addition to quality products, Werner nuts and snacks are popular because all packs on a rack are the same value price.

– Sportsman’s Mix, 6.5oz.
– Butter Toffee Peanuts, 6oz.
– Hot & Spicy Rancher’s Mix, 6oz.
– Peanuts, 8oz.
– Sunflower Kernels, 7oz.
– Tropical Mix, 6.5oz.
– Hot & Sweet Sportsman’s Mix, 6.5oz.
– Cashews, 2oz.
– Pistachios, 2oz.
– Raw Almonds, 2.25oz.
– Sweet & Salty Mix 6oz.
– Honey Roasted Cashews, 2oz.
– Yogurt Mix, 6.5oz.
– Hot & Spicy Peanuts, 7oz.
– Salt Water Taffy, 5oz.
– Honey Roasted Peanuts, 5oz.
– Pumpkin Seeds, 3.75oz.

Minimum quantity: 1 packet