Old Trapper Jerky

For over 40 years, Old Trapper has made the world’s best beef jerky
at their headquarters in Forest Grove, Oregon. Beef jerky is their
work and they do it well, using only the best lean strips of beef,
freshest seasoning ingredients, and real wood-fired smoke.

Try Old Trapper Beef Jerky, you will be glad you did!

– Old Fashioned Jerky 3.25 oz. and 10 oz.
– Peppered Jerky 3.25 oz. and 10 oz.
– Teriyaki Jerky 3.25 oz. and 10 oz.
– Spicy Hot Jerky 3.25 oz. and 10 oz.
– Trappers Choice Beef Steak 3.2 oz.
– Trappers Choice Teriyaki Beef steak 3.2 oz.

Kippered Steaks
– Old Fashion
– Peppered
– Teriyaki

Sausage Sticks
– Deli Sticks 10 oz.
– Pepperoni Sticks 1.2 oz.
– Hot Pepperoni Sticks 1.2 oz.
– Jalapeno Sticks 1.2 oz.

Minimum order: 1 packet